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Corporate Litigation

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC v. Investment Hunter, LLC, C.A. No. 5107-VCN, 2010 Del. Ch. LEXIS 121 (May 27, 2010) (Noble, V.C.)

Landis Rath & Cobb, together with Duval & Stachenfeld LLP, successfully petitioned the Court of Chancery to confirm an arbitration decision and award, including an award of punitive damages.  Respondent Investment Hunter tried to challenge a FINRA Award on grounds that the arbitration Panel exceeded its authority in awarding punitive …  READ MORE →

Gordon v. AMTRAK, C.A. No. 10753, 1997 Del. Ch. LEXIS 52 (Del. Ch. Mar.19, 1997) (summary judgment opinion); 2001 Del. Ch. LEXIS 168 (Del. Ch. Dec. 17, 2001) (post trial report)

Daniel B. Rath, while at Duane, Morris & Heckscher, represented Defendants Ellerbe, Becket Architects and Engineers, Inc., Ellerbe Becket, Inc. and Ellerbe Builders, Inc. (together “Ellerbe”) in an action involving nuisance and trespass claims arising out of the dumping of hazardous materials.  Plaintiffs alleged Ellerbe was negligent as demonstrated by …  READ MORE →